Preparing for Your First Snowsports Trip

By: Lucas Overbey, Reporter

There is a lot of gear that you need to get when you go on your first snow-sports trip. It is very important to do as much research as possible when purchasing your gear to avoid an unhappy and annoying trip due to foggy goggles or wet gear.


The first thing you should get is a pair of ski/snowboarding goggles. There are thousands of brands out there, but they all seem to do the same thing. An important thing to look for when buying your first goggles are goggles that are anti-fog. This is important because when you have your mouth covered by a balaclava or scarf, your breath travels up and into your goggles.


The second thing is to make sure that you can fit your glasses inside of your goggles. Most goggles give you measurements for compatible glasses in the description of the product. The last thing to look for is goggles that have extra lenses like UV protective layers, and anti glare layers. These are important because if the sun is out, you want to avoid the sun getting in your eyes because it would make it hard to see.


The second thing you should get is a nice ski/snowboarding jacket. Some good brands include, The North Face, Patagonia, and ODLO. These are all good brands that supply many robust and stylish jackets that protect your body. When purchasing your jacket, you want to make sure that it keeps you nice and warm as that is the primary attribute to look for when buying a jacket.


The third thing you should get when preparing for a ski/snowboarding trip are a pair of gloves. Measuring your hand with the instructions that are provided in the description of most gloves is important when picking your size. It is recommended to buy gloves that are waterproof because it is almost guaranteed that you will fall into the snow a few times, and the snow is very wet.


The fourth thing you should buy is a pair of snowboard/ski boots. Like the gloves, you should buy a pair that is the correct size and most importantly, a pair that is waterproof. It is already bad enough to have wet gloves, so you don’t want to be snowboarding or skiing around in wet boots so invest in some waterproof boots/shoes.


The fifth thing you should  buy when getting ready for a ski/snowboarding trip is a pair of overalls or pants. Not only should your body stay warm but also your legs! So invest in some nice waterproof overalls/pants that fit and keep you warm and cozy.


The sixth thing that you should buy when getting ready for a ski/snowboarding trip is an actual snowboard and set of skis. Now, you won’t have to worry about this if you are renting, which is highly recommended when it’s your first time, but there are many brands to choose from. One thing you do not want to do is buy the most expensive board. It is better to get something on the entry level of the spectrum of pricing and quality. Some brands for snowboards include; Burton Snowboards, Rome SDS, Lib Technologies, and K2 Snowboards. Some brands for skis include; K2 Sports, Rossignol (100 year old company), Line, and Fischer.