How Covid Still Affects Our Lives Today

Covid-19 has changed our lives drastically. Millions of Americans have lost loved ones, jobs, housing, and more. It is no question that Covid can’t just go away in a blink of an eye, but how does covid still affect our lives today even after three years?

The first effect we initially had was quarantine or self-isolation, we had to stay home and we weren’t allowed at school. Students across the country had trouble with this due to lack of motivation to complete online courses and some not having access to technology. When we went back to school we were expected to have learned 4-5 months worth of material without a teacher present to teach us. Teachers were also negatively affected by quarantine due to the substantial amount of stress they were put under by having to facilitate online courses for students.

When we first went back to school students had the option to stay home and do online school or come to school and do in person learning. The downside of this is when a student contracted Covid-19, they were forced to stay home for two weeks and do online school through Zoom, but if a teacher got sick, a substitute teacher would have to come and do “filler activities” for two weeks until the teacher got back. This caused the students to lose two weeks of viable learning which set them back from other classes. Currently, some students in America don’t know how to solve basic math problems because they were not able to learn accurately during Covid.

Covid-19 has also created serious financial problems and health burdens for many U.S households. Some students didn’t have access to technology to complete online classes and other students were forced to stay home from school to take care of sick family members.