CFISD’s Annual Food-Tasting Event

At CFISD’s annual food-tasting event, parents and students are able to taste the different foods the school might provide and then rate them from best to worst.

Every year CFISD solicits vendors to come and present their best food for the community. “We reach out to vendors and say hey, our department is looking for new vegan items, or we are looking for a new pizza this year, and they provide us with samples” says food tasting

The most unique thing about this opportunity is CFISD inviting the community to come look, taste, and rate the food. Food tasting coordinator says this “We invite the community and when they check in they get a score sheet and go around and rate all the items.” Also saying “We collect the data in the score sheets and use that to make a decision on the new food items for the 23-24 school year.”

So many students skip out on lunch because they don’t like what’s being served or they may have certain dietary limitations. At the end of the day the children are the one eating the school food, so their opinions should be taken and considered when selecting the food for the new school year.

Bang elementary school mother says “Today my daughter didn’t even eat lunch because she didn’t like what the school was serving. So I think it’s super important for her to have her opinion because that is the lunch she’s eating everyday.”

Eating a healthy school lunch ensures that students are getting the correct amount of nutrients everyday. Studies have shown that students whose nutritional needs are met have fewer attendance and discipline problems and are more attentive in class.

“So today what we are serving is called our backyard griller burger. And it’s a really different and unique product because it is what we call a clean label product, and what that means is that it has minimal ingredients.” a vender that was invited said “So it’s very healthy as well as nutritious.”

As well as the food provided being nutritious and full of clean ingredients, it’s very delicious!

“Yummerific!” Cypress Falls student said.