Renaissance Festival Review

Each year since 1974 the Renaissance Festival has come to Todd Mission Texas throughout the months of October and November.

The Texas Renaissance is an interesting theme park that recreates the European historic period of the fourteenth through the seventeenth century.
Festival workers re-create the feeling of this earlier period with archaic costumes, architecture, and speech patterns.

The festival has many interesting events that make it up including shows, food, rides, and shops.

The most interesting thing at the festival was the shops. I spent hours looking in the stores, every store had something entirely different and unusual. There were stores dedicated to medieval dresses and elf ears and some that sold only swords and wands. Not to mention the shop workers made it more interesting with their on-theme outfits and accents.

In addition to the stores, there was also a section of the festival where they had themed rides including a swinging boat and small pony rides.There were many small rides for kids but there were also games that appealed to teens or adults like an archery booth, axe throwing, and tomato throwing. Something I would recommend is to make sure you have cash, most of the shops and all of the rides did not take cards. Fortunately there are a few atms located throughout the festival for those who didn’t bring any.

Besides the games and rides, there were also many places for food.
It was way easier to get food and drinks than I assumed it would be because everywhere you go there’s at least one food stand of some sort so there are many different places to eat and the lines don’t get too long.

The only thing I would say about the food is don’t expect anything better than fair food because that’s what it is. There was funnel cake, turkey legs, potato on a stick, and many other festival style foods.

I did expect a little more from the food than slices of pizza and cheesy fries but I wasn’t too disappointed because it was fairly easy and quick to get unlike most festivals or events i’ve been to in the past.

I recommend trying out the renaissance festival at least once because it’s an easy way to fill up a boring weekend and even if it’s not your thing it is still a very interesting experience to have and there is plenty to keep you busy while you’re there.