The Coronavirus: What will our future look like?


At this point, I think we can all say we’re sick of the coronavirus. Literally.  For students, it’s changed the way we learn, the way we communicate with others, our social lives, and the way we go about them. However, the question is, what does the future look like for us students? 

As for what school events will look like in the future, we can expect Cy-Fair to still have a mask mandate. Though governor Abbott lifted the mask mandate on the second of March for the state of Texas, we can expect students who are in-person students required to have masks on until vaccines are accessible to all. At least, I hope that’s the case because not wearing a mask out in public when you don’t have the vaccine is incredibly dangerous even if you say you can’t breathe without a mask on. 

Despite having vaccines, we can expect some major changes happening for our education system. According to Rick Hess, a scholar at the America Enterprise Institute estimated that “a generous per-pupil expenditure for remote learning is just over $5,200. When compared to the per-pupil expenditure for in-person schooling of $13,600, remote learning will be widely adopted” no matter what state we live in, we can expect remote learning to stick around for years after covid has died down. Some may argue that this may not be the best way to learn, but for kids with a low-income household, a covid vaccine may not be all that accessible, and covid is a risk they cannot take, especially if these said students are at high risk of the virus. 

As a student, I know we all hope to get our normal lives back soon enough and see a bright future for all of us. Even if we don’t know what’ll happen next, the wheel of fate is always turning. 

Despite 2020 being a horrible year for students alike, the future of our education relies on our society coming together and picking up the pieces that the coronavirus broke and mending them all back together, especially students.

By: Carolina Gonzales