It’s Ok To Say “No.”

Promposals. We’ve all seen one before, a huge poster with PROM? Written in huge, colorful and sparkly letters. But this time, the poster is moving a bit closer towards you than you’ve seen before. It continues to inch towards you, bit by bit until it’s right in front of your face. And rather than seeing the person behind it, you only see the faces, looking on expectantly. Every moment of hesitation burns behind your eyes a little more, and regardless of who it is behind the sign, you want to say yes just to end this episode. Because saying “No” would only turn it into that much more of a spectacle. 

While it seems everyone loses if you say no to a promposal, we’re here to tell you- it’s okay to say no.

I can’t say it is easy to reject someone, but rejecting someone is so much easier than what happens after an unrequited yes. The night of prom is likely to be incredibly uncomfortable when you arrive, and rather than going to talk to friends and experiencing the night with people you planned to, you will be spending the night dancing and mingling with someone you really just don’t enjoy. Feelings will of course be hurt to some level, but it is truly easier to validate your instincts. Easier overall does not mean easy in the moment, but just remember the council that we geniuses here at The Reporter have offered you.

At first glance, simply stating a firm “No.” would appear impossible, although it’s extremely easy to turn down the offer, especially if you practice ahead of time. Neurons can fire across the brain and into the body in roughly .29 seconds when dealing with reflexes and autonomous reactions, while it can take up to about .50 seconds when you are actively taking in information from the world around you. If you take time to practice saying “No.” and burn it into your brain as an automatic response, you can shave .20 seconds off of your reaction time. In addition to it taking almost no time to decline a promposal, it will also be painless for you because you wouldn’t want to spend a whole evening with this person when you’d just end up obsessing over Prince Charming, or spending the entire date hiding from your date in the bathroom. The perceived pain felt by the person who promposed will only be felt for a short while, and even then it will only toughen them up and prepare them for setbacks they will face later on in life. So in reality, you’re doing them a favor. Pro Tip: If you really want to build their character, keep an extra pie in your backpack you can slam in their face for an added blow!

For all those potential promposers out there, there are three simple tricks to not ending up in this unfortunate situation, with the first being rather simple: Don’t go to prom. At the end of the day this is an over-hyped event in which a school successfully takes money from its students. Chances are you won’t be missing out on anything too big, nor will you be attempting to stay in contact with the people you would have gone with 15 years down the line. The second way to ensure you avoid public shame and embarrassment is to already have a significant other to go with. Although this may be difficult for some of you, for whatever reason, this will practically guarantee a yes, unless of course your relationship is crumbling and she already said yes to someone who is obviously better than you in every manner possible. Lastly, a simple way to go about securing a “Yes” would be to get approval beforehand. Whether you get the answer via their friends or the person you had in mind shouldn’t matter.  What should matter is that you don’t want to make this romantic spectacle that is typically only used as a photo-op nowadays, lose its lust and sparkle in the face of defeat. If you’re trying to keep it secret, ask their friends for a good idea of how they’ll react. Or directly ask the person beforehand as this will provide you with security, although still being able to maintain the element of surprise, with creativity to be employed. 

At the end of the day, both parties involved need to take a deep breath and relax, allowing only the clearest of thoughts to pass into your brains and make the decision that might not be easiest, but best for all parties. Do the person who obviously put time and effort into this right, and more importantly, protect your interests. We know it may be hard because as teenagers we aren’t filled with common sense most of the time, but at least make an attempt here, to get the results you are hoping to end up with.It

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