Out on my own #1

 Let’s Start From the Beginning 

For those who read my blog, I want you to know all of this is based on issues I have encountered and sort of figured out how to get through them without the earth falling apart. I do know that each high schooler who is on there own for different reasons. I also want to say I’m sorry, for whatever led you to be on your own because I know it probably wasn’t fun. I’m hoping this short-lived, procrastinated, string of blogs will help you and in some way bring you comfort.  

Every day is a challenge, from getting to school, money, food, getting a job, trying to find a car, trying to get a phone. Everything, everything is a struggle and some days I wake up wanting to give up and drop out of school. Though I don’t because I want to prove to the universe I can make it no matter what it throws at me. I want whoever is ever reading this and going through a similar or even a completely different situation to have that mindset. To succeed even though the only thing pushing you is complete spite against the universe. Or maybe it’s something else pushing you through this thing we call life. Whatever it is, I hope you keep pushing and I hope my advice and support helps.