I am no Van Gouge #1

Hello there! my name is Carolina Gonzales, and I’m a Sophomore here at Cy-Fair. Along with being a Sophomore, I’m also a reporter, and what I’d like to call a “sucky-barely-even-decent-painter-and-if-I-stop-now-I’d-probably-be-throwing-away-all-the-money-and-time-I-spent-sitting-on-a-stool-that-makes-my-back-hurt-while-painting-a-face-with-a-tiny-brush-and-some-expensive-paint-I’m-too-broke-for.” 

I think that was a little too specific though.

Anyway, my blog is about me being me, well, at least creatively. You see, I could make my blog about how miserable my life is, but I don’t think anyone would find that entertaining..well, I feel the same way about painting, but I know at least a few people that find painting a whole range of emotions. If there’s me, there are definitely others. 

Perhaps while writing this blog, maybe we can all find the inner Bob Ross, Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, etc, within us. 

Till next time!