Cy-Fair Band Trailer



A trombone case sails past as a student volunteer loading crew tosses trumpets and euphoniums down the assembly line, eventually dropping gear down to the group on the bottom floor of the trailer. They’re all panting, the truck gets hot with so many people on such a hot, humid and stagnant day. Pit kids roll around on scooter boards, the same from way back in elementary school gym classes.
A dozen or so adults push sousaphone cases, drag equipment, and move the marimbas and xylophones. Two dozen more kids populate what has been dubbed “ Bobcat One” for every load and unload, a lively time, with music blaring and voices yelling instructions. By the end of the 20 minute period that it takes to load or unload, over 100 brass instruments, a dozen or so woodwinds, additionally, snare drums, bass drums and quads will be on the truck before departure.

As members prepare for the game, adults on pit crew unload the trailer.

The outer design is very unique, a deep maroon and black, with a paw print logo and BFND on the hind doors. The sides feature “Cy-Fair High School Marching Band” with the famous and historic front of the school under laid. The front features a mid growl bobcat. “The graphics, and the personal feel of the logo and the school graphics are what I really enjoy about the truck” remarked senior trombone player Jasper Ella.

Pit Crew member, Jeff Diehl, helps bring a keyboard down the back loading ramp.

The interior of the trailer is two stories, the upper is for the sousaphones (as well as the crane for them), all brass cases and the larger woodwind instruments. The lower level is shorter, but is a good space for the speaker systems, and all of the pit percussion. There is a small split level that is used for the drumline, and coolers.
The trailer is an incredible resource, and a very smart investment for the district. Apart from saving money over time, as the band only has to call up “Bobcat One” and rent one additional truck, rather than renting 6 box trucks; meaning it is easier, quicker and more cost effective. Further, the members say the trailer introduced a new feeling of pride, and even of validation in some ways. Many students have expressed their excitement for the trailer, like Senior French Horn player Samuel Mikhail, who enthusiastically remarked that “{Bobcat One} is amazing”, and that he “loves the bam bam pace” that accompanies loading it.

Drumline members Josh John and Andre Rodriguez work with pit crew member Kevin Stredic to unload a bass drum.

Whether students love the truck for the stylish interior, the unique exterior designs, or for the actual usefulness of the truck, it seems that “Bobcat One” has become a fixture of the band, almost overnight. The rest of the district should look forward to their trucks, and the sense of pride that accompanies it.