Chromebooks at your School

By: Jaedan Cervantez, Reporter

About Chromebooks

Chromebooks provide a lot to Cy-Fair students. They help with school work, assignments and projects.
Stop by the library fill out a slip get it signed and get your Chromebook! “Chromebooks are very helpful to all Cy-Fair students” said Mrs.Hamilton.

 How do you access a Chromebook?

You can get a Chromebook by getting a permission slip signed by your parent or guardian. You must have a signed slip, if not you will not be able to access a Chromebook. A kajeet hotspot is provided which allows students to connect to the internet from a district provided Chromebook. The Chromebooks have a filter, which means you don’t lend it to your friends because you have a signed contract and the Chromebook was given to you and not your friend. If you do something inappropriate with the Chromebook you will be disciplined.

Expectations of Chromebook users

  • You have to check out the Chromebooks days at a time so the librarian knows that you still have it and it is in good shape.
  • No food or drinks near the device. 
  • You cannot lend to friends or family.

What must you do to get a Chromebook?

Students will receive a reservation slip from the librarian. Your parents or guardian will have to sign it before you can do anything else. You can take the Chromebook home, but it’s your full responsibility, and if you break the device, you buy it .You have to check it out for weeks at a time. The permission slips have to be signed and turned in before you can borrow one, but there is a waiting list for Chromebook just because you have a signed slip doesn’t mean you’ll get one then and there. You have to wait until it’s you turn, so be patient while waiting to receive your Chromebook.

Can you get a Chromebook if you have fines?

Yes, you can get a Chromebook if you have fines because teachers care more about school work than fines. “Of course, we care about fines, but we care more about the students. Students homework, and assignments come first” said Mrs. Hamilton.

Can you take the Chromebook out of class?

You can take the Chromebook wherever, but you have to make sure you don’t lose it, or spill anything on it because you will have to pay if you do.