Vaping: The Problem of the Century

By: Carolina Gonzales, Reporter

Our youth’s association with electronic cigarettes

Using electronic cigarettes has become a popular trend among young teens, but how did this all start? E-cigarettes have been around since 2004, but they only became extremely popular when a new vaping device, JUUL, hit the markets. JUULS were developed by PAX LABS on July of 2017, and ever since then, teens have been using this product heavily, unaware of the consequences.  

JUUL’s  purpose of this product is to get adult smokers to stop smoking, but research published in Tobacco Control and based on a national sample of more than 13,000 young people between ages 15 and 34, indicates that teens are not just experimenting with the device. It instead is being used regularly which leads to addiction in young teens.

Along with young teens using the product on a regular basis, most of those teens don’t even know that they’re consuming nicotine. According to Results from a Truth Initiative study published in April 2018 found that 63 percent of JUUL users did not know that the product always contains nicotine, even though all types of JUUL pods sold on the market, including mint, mango, creme and cucumber flavors, have nicotine in them. Additionally, an annual national survey of more than 40,000 students from the University of Michigan 2016 Monitoring the Future study found that the majority of youth e-cigarette users think they vaped only flavoring, not nicotine, the last time they used a product.

With being aware that teens are getting targeted and most usage comes from young teens, how can we prevent this from getting worse?

Don’t give into peer pressure.

Be aware that just because everyone is vaping and using a vape doesn’t mean you have to.

Be alert.

If you ever see someone using a vape, report it. Ultimately,you’re not snitching on someone if you’re trying to stop them from using an addictive drug, you’re helping them.

Know the facts.

Learn about the dangers of vaping and how it’s displayed among young adults.


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