Last Semester of High School

By: Jesseca Chandler, Reporter

Do’s and Don’ts

Okay seniors you have almost done it. Twelve years of your life spent leading up to the last day of high school. Sadly, there is still a semester left, so don’t celebrate too much yet.

Senioritis is kicking in, so here are some things you should do and certainly should not do for your last semester of school.


  • Do go to class! You don’t want to lose your exemptions. You don’t want to be that senior who has to take all of their finals.
  • Do remember to pay your fines and fees. You can’t graduate still owing the school money (they will hold you hostage).
  • Do apply to college (sadly, there are people who still haven’t applied.)
  • Do go to prom. It’s prom, you should go. It won’t be the best night of your life, but if you don’t go you’ll regret it.
  • Do go to Senior breakfast.
  • Do hang out with your friends. There are many paths to take after high school and yours and theirs may not intertwine, so soak in all the time you have left with them.
  • Do take pictures and save the memories, so you have something to show your kids (or pets) when you’re older.
  • Finally, do enjoy being a kid. These are your last months as a kid. Enjoy it and don’t try to grow up too fast. Be a teenager, do teenager things, go to the mall with your friends, go on that road trip during spring break, and just be a kid!


  • Don’t do anything to keep you from walking across the stage.
  • Don’t let your grades slip. Colleges are can revoke your acceptance if they want to.
  • Don’t do anything dumb enough to get you arrested.
  • Don’t blow your savings on prom. You will need that money for college or whatever you are doing after high school.
  • Don’t skip graduation.
  • Don’t blow off your finals. If you have to take them, take them. Zeros can impact your average.
  • And last but certainly not least, don’t dropout of high school. (Please!)

You guys got this! Y’all will do amazing!