Every Holiday from Ho Ho Ho to Hanukkah

By: Jesseca Chandler, Reporter

Different Holiday Traditions of Cy-Fair

Cy-Fair High School, is a large school filled with a very diverse student body. Each student has their own unique way of spending the holidays. Rather that means celebrating a holiday like, Christmas or Hanukkah, or just spending time with friends and family. Here are a few ways students at Cy-Fair celebrate the holidays.


Katherine Reed, who is a senior this year, spends the holidays with her family celebrating Christmas.. On Christmas morning she gets woken up by her little brother, Max. They go wake their parents and open the presents under the tree.

After they open their gifts, her mom makes them their special Christmas breakfast. Which consist of chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream and hot  chocolate.

At night, they play Minute to Win It games and snack on finger foods. When it gets dark enough, they drive around to look at Christmas lights.


Allison Shair, who is also a senior this year, celebrates Hanukkah with her family. They do it a little differently than the traditional way Hanukkah is celebrated.

Her family does still light the candles on the menorah and say the traditional prayer.

Although her family doesn’t give presents during the 8 days, instead on the last day get together with her whole family to exchange gifts.

Her and her family also bake latkes and mundo bread. The kids also enjoy stain glass cookies.


Marton Perez, who is a junior, celebrates Christmas.

Him and his family have a tradition of opening one Christmas present on Christmas Eve. The kids get to choose which present they want to open.

Then him and his brother spend Christmas morning at their house were they open the rest of their presents.

After the presents are all opened they pack up to go to their grandma’s house, in Pearland, were they spend the rest of holiday break.


These are just a few ways that the many ways that the holidays are celebrated. All around the world, all the many different holidays that are celebrated differently by each family and person.