Cy-Fair’s Declassified: Backpack Survival Guide

By: Mason Cheney, Interactive Editor

Which Brand of Backpack Holds Water (And Your Supplies?)

With clear backpacks falling apart at the seams, the students of Cy-Fair are all asking the same question: What point do these things serve? Since the answer to that question probably won’t come about until much, much later, students should ask a different question: how can I get the most out of these plastic bags?

Shortly after the school year started, many students realized a critical flaw with most clear backpacks.

“Just wearing the bag puts enough stress on the material to rip it,” senior Gehrig French said, “Many friends of mine have had the seams rip where the straps meet the zipper.”

Generally, the consensus is that Amazon backpacks hold together the longest per dollar.

“I got mine from Amazon and it’s still in pretty good condition,” Senior Katherine Reed said, “I’m pretty rough with backpacks and this one seems to be pretty reliable.”

Ordering online, if shipping time is no issue, provides as consistent results as a plastic bag can provide.

“I can get one or two day shipping,” French said, “so I can deal with a ripped bag for one or two days.”

“Most of my friends got Amazon ones,” junior Evie Perlmutter said, “though a few of them are falling apart.”