Senior Friends

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Senior Friends

By: Claire Mestayer, Reporter

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It’s almost the end of the school year. This is exciting for everyone, but the end of the year means that graduation is almost here. This is big news for seniors, but it is also a big deal for those who have senior friends.

They are all going off to different places and maybe even different states. The only positive to having senior friends who are graduating is that next year you can visit them in college if they are close enough to go visit.

Them graduating means you might have to make friends in your grade which can be unfortunate if you are running low on them at the moment.

Also one other thing is that at graduation or at their graduation party, you can take cute pictures saying goodbye, but this will probably also make you super sad about them leaving.

There may seem like there aren’t very many positives that come out of this situation, but just because they are graduating doesn’t mean that people have to stop being friends with the seniors who are graduation.

People can look forward to many new exciting adventures and opportunities that will be available not that you have friends in college. It is important to try and not be too sad, remembering all the good things that are to come.

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