Cy-Fair’s own Swimmer of the Meet


Photo courtesy of Hafsa Mohiuddin.

By: Max Diehl, News Editor

Sophomore Carson Kaufmann has been swimming since she was just a little kid, and she joined her first competitive team when she was just five. Since then she has continued to swim and pursue excellence. She says that the sport has taught her many lessons and that because of it she has  learned “time management and organization” although she still “gets super stressed sometimes”. “It teaches me to stay ahead in school, but when I do have to miss school for swim and receive make-up work, I handle it as best i can and keep my grades up” said Kaufmann.

Some of the bigger meets that she has attended, and missed school for, have been in New York, California, Louisiana, Tennessee, North Carolina and even Mexico! She said that the biggest meet she had been to so far was the Speedo Junior Nationals, which is held every summer for the fastest u-18 in the nation. She said that out of the whole experience with the sport, that “ The relationship, friends and coaches were what I enjoyed most. I wouldn’t swim if it weren’t for my teammates, they make practice ad the meets so much fun, and worth it.”

Carson was recently named “swimmer of the meet” at the Cypress Fairbanks ISD District Championship meet. She led the pack by a good amount finishing the 500 freestyle 8 seconds before even second place. She also helped Cy-Fair slip ahead of Cypress Ranch by just fractions of a second, and helped secure the race.

Sadly, Ranch slipped ahead and took home the title, but Cy-Fair, and Kaufmann still did fantastic and represented the school well.

Kaufmann discussed her aspirations, and she wants to swim at a D1 college. She also discussed hopes of being able to swim in international events, although she does not plan on going pro.