Baseball Season is on Deck


Junior Peyton Chatagnier lands a solid hit into left field.

By: Jacqueline Coble, Blog Editor

With second semester starting, baseball season is finally underway. This year, there have been some coaching changes. The old varsity coach, Paul Orlando, moved to Bridgeland High School to start up their baseball team, and the old assistant coach, Billy Hardin, is now the head coach.

This has been the first major coaching change since Coach Woody Champagne, who coached us when we won 5A State in 2007, left in 2014. The past four years with Orlando have said to be “really similar to the way Coach Champagne coached,” David Maddox, football and former baseball coach stated. Which made sense considering Orlando once played for Champagne.

This year though, “the team has been in the weight room a lot more this preseason,” Junior Peyton Chatagnier said. Things are changing in a good way.

“I think we are going to do really well this season and show everybody how much we’ve improved,” Chatagnier said.

The boys first out-of-district home game will be Friday, Feb. 9, at four p.m. and they are welcoming everybody to come see what the season has in store