The State of our Union


By: Tristan Seyedain, Reporter

Applause filled the hall of the Supreme Court as President Trump slowly made his way to the podium, being greeted by a number of individuals along the way and making a valiant effort to shake all of their hands in the process. A good number of people in the room looked very pleased to see him and were excited to hear him give his first State of the Union Address, however, there were quite a few of his critics in the audience that remained seated and gave little to no applause throughout the duration of his speech. Nevertheless, there were numerous moments of applause from a majority of the audience, so much that one could have made a drinking game based on how many times he stopped speaking to participate in the applause. While the applause and seeing the high ranking members of the two opposing political parties together was very uplifting, listening to Trump clapping so close to the microphone was not the most enjoyable sound to endure.

Regardless of the annoying background noises being projected into his microphone, President Trump managed to provide us with a very well worded and motivational speech. Throughout his speech, he honored numerous guests of honor that served as examples for his reasoning for wanting to get certain policies passed. These policies ranging from immigration, reducing prescription drugs prices, building the nation’s defense, and improving infrastructure. One of the most notable had to be, Ji Seong-ho, a North Korean man who made it out of the rogue nation and now resides in South Korea. Ji Seong-ho, being a victim of the horrors of Kim Jong Un’s regime, received a standing ovation from the audience and his story of bravery brought tears to the eyes of many. Something interesting about the speech was how these guests of honor managed to unify members of both political parties, regardless for their support of  policy initiatives discussed.


All in all, the president delivered a very upbeat and robust speech, while declaring that the state of our union was robust and continuing to improve. As evident with the substantial in the stock market, low unemployment, with historic lows in Hispanic and African American unemployment. Additionally, President Trump offered the Democrats a plea for unity and bipartisan efforts in order to accomplish the agendas set forth throughout his speech and managed to do so in a professional matter.