Bobcats Strong Roll Continues Against Friendswood Mustangs


Junior Cody Thomas shows off his pearly whites.

The Bobcat football team has extended their winning streak after taking down the Friendswood Mustangs 45-14 on Friday night at TDECU Stadium on the University of Houston campus.

Erick Hallett received the kick at the 10 yard-line and was able to work the ball up the field on the return to give the Bobcats the ball at the 49 yard-line to begin their first drive. After several efforts, the drive stalled out at the 28 yard-line to set up a 34 yard field goal attempt that Max Duque was able to put through assuredly to give the Bobcats an early 3-0 lead.

Friendswood’s following drive saw limited success. The Mustangs were able to pick up a first down, including a 13 yard pass play, but were forced to punt, putting the Bobcats deep in their own territory.

From the 8 yard-line, the Bobcats began to move the ball thanks to multiple runs by Trenton Kennedy to end the first quarter. A couple of pass receptions including one to Marcus McKinley to bring the ball to the Mustangs’ 47 yard-line to set up 1st down. On the next play, quarterback Cam Arnold connected with Christian Richmond on a long pass over the middle that was caught at the 15 yard line and ran into the endzone. After a successful PAT, the Bobcats lead 10-0.

The Mustangs regained possession at their own 25 yard line, and were able to get moving down field. On 2nd down, QB Luke Grden tried a long pass down the right side of the field that originally fell incomplete, but a flag was thrown on the defense for a pass interference call that received a lot of argument from players and spectators on the maroon and white sidelines. The call moved the Mustangs to the 45 yard-line, where they would move the ball and convert on a 4th and 6 play. From 20 yards out, Grden dropped a pass in over the heads of two defensive backs that was caught on the left sideline of the endzone. The Mustangs then trailed by just 3 point at a score of 10-7 with 6 minutes remaining in the half.

Cy-Fair was then able to move the ball out to the opponent 47 yard line. This time, Edward Sumler was the man who was wide open down field, again Arnold found the man who was open by 15 yards and completed the pass as Sumler stumbled backwards into the endzone to bring the score to 17-7.

Following the touchdown, both the Mustangs and Bobcats went three-and-out. Then the ball came back into possession of the Mustangs at their own 32. A pass to the right was completed, as the runner advanced forwards and had the ball knocked loose by a Bobcat defender. The ball was kicked and pushed by failed attempts to come up with possession as the ball moved closer to the goal line. Eventually though, Cy-Fair came up with the ball at the 21 yard line.


On 2nd down from the 7 yard line, Arnold faked a handoff and rolled right, then cut left to avoid a defender edging around the outside of the line. Arnold was able to advance and throw a bullet to the right sideline of the endzone for another Bobcat touchdown to notch the score at 24-7 with 22 seconds left in the half, and the teams would trod back to the locker rooms after a kneel down from Friendswood.

Friendswood began the 2nd half from their own 16 yard-line after the returner was hit incredibly hard, stopping the runner from advancing. A sack that resulted in a loss of 8 yards led to a 2nd down and 18. Grden got the snap and rolled right towards the back of the endzone, with several Bobcats in hot pursuit. Grden looked to attempt to spike the ball, but by rule it was a fumble and the ball was recovered in the far corner of the endzone to put the Bobcats up 31-7 following Max Duque making the point after.  

The Mustangs again saw no success in their following drive. On the first play, an attempted handoff was stopped for a loss of 4 yards when Joshua Smith was able to bust through the line and get to the running back before he was even able to move. After two more plays, Friendswood was forced to punt again.

The Bobcats took over again from their own 34 yard-line. Kennedy ran the first 3 downs to bring the Bobcats to the 44 yard line and set up a first down. On the following play, Arnold threw a long high pass to the inside of the on field yard marker numbers. Sumler who was running down the sideline blocked off by a defender was able to find more speed and maneuver around the outside of the cornerback and dive to the turf to come up with the ball at the 18 yard line. Cy-Fair moved the ball to the 5 yard line, On 2nd down, Arnold pitched the ball back to Kennedy who swept to the right sideline and lunged forward, extending the ball in front of the right pylon with his right arm as momentum carried him out of bounds. This incredible effort lengthened the lead to 38-7.

A few possessions later, Arnold threw an interception to set the Mustangs up with the ball from the 46 yard line. However, Friendswood was forced to another 3 and out. The following few possessions went relatively eventless as the 3rd quarter expired.

Friendswood was able to push through for a late scoring drive that originated from their own 30 yard line. The offense scored in 9 plays despite several holding calls on a 18 yard pass to Ben Redding to somewhat slow the bleeding at a score of 38-14.

Junior running back Devin Zeigler for Cy-Fair broke through on the following drive for a 62 yard touchdown run to again advance the score at 45-14 with 2:23 remaining.

Bobcats finish out the game with a field goal. 45-14


Friendswood was unable to make anything happen and the game ended at a score of 45-14 to see the Bobcats advance to play the Lobos at Cy-Fair FCU stadium on Saturday.